Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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Computer scientists develop a simple tool to tell if websites suffered a data breach

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Computer scientists have built and successfully tested a tool designed to detect when websites are hacked by monitoring the activity of email accounts associated with them. The researchers were surprised to find that almost 1 percent of the websites they tested had suffered a data breach during their 18-month study period, regardless of how big the companies' reach and audience are.

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Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2017

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2017 is almost done and looking back gamers had a lot of great games to play this year. Guerrilla Games captivated audiences with Horizon Zero Dawn, Super Mario Odyssey surpassed expectations, and Capcom brought Resident Evil back to its horror roots. Recently Sony had their annual PSX and while Sony has enticed many with future games lets not forget what released this year. Here are the best PlayStation exclusives for 2017.

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The Problem with Mainstream Appeal

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Casual players are the single largest audience in gaming; theres no getting around it. This is the audience that every major publisher wants to appeal to; the one group that every development studio hopes will latch onto their game. After all, capturing the attention of the casual or mainstream audience usually means massive success and wondrous profit. So its understandable that they, publishers especially, would have a vested interest in making their games more accessible and appealing to that audience. Making that appeal often means simplification. The simpler the game is, the more accessible it is, the more mainstream appeal it can have. While theres nothing innately wrong with making ones game more accessible to the wider gaming audience, doing so always comes at a cost. Just as a game cannot be both simple and complex, neither can it simultaneously serve its niche and successfully appeal to the mainstream audience. Therefore compromises must be made, usually ones that rob...

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Is Nintendo Switch really as successful as we think it is?

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Comparing Wii U and 3DS to Nintendo Switch is not completely fair, of course. The product is very different to both devices, there will have been a significant cross-over between the Wii U and 3DS audience, and 3DS' price point was (and is) significantly lower. In addition, Nintendo's investment in smartphone games may effectively replace its legacy handheld business over time. Nevertheless, if Nintendo wants to have a bigger generation this time around, then it needs to beat 85 million. The 100 million Switch sales figure that Nintendo has casually suggested in its financial calls now look more like a genuine sales target. It's been a decent first year, but we are a long way away from reaching those figures.

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Recordings reveal deep credibility gap when doctors and parents discuss outcomes for critically ill

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An analysis of 16 audiotaped conversations between parents of infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and clinicians found that medical staff routinely downplay quality of life issues and leave families more optimistic about their babies' prognoses than the clinicians intended.

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Russian diplomatic staff leave Yemen's Sanaa

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Foreign ministry says diplomatic presence suspended due to situation in the city amid Saudi-led blockade of country.

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[Ticker] Auditors: EU 'green' farm payments fail ecology criteria

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EU 'greening' payments, designed in a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to reward farmers who make environmental improvements do not meet ecological criteria, the Tuesday. Payments "added more complexity" to the CAP, leading to changes in only about five per cent of EU farmland, their report said. Improvements to green payments will be implemented from 1 January 2018, a Commission spokesperson said.

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Coming soon to Saudi Arabia: AMC movie theaters

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Hours after Saudi Arabia lifted a 35-year ban on cinemas, the world's biggest movie theater chain jumped on the opportunity.

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[Feature] Lebanon crisis overshadows EU aid for Syrian refugees

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Lebanon hosts over one million Syrian refugees, and has received some €1bn in EU funds. Caught in a geo-political tug of war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Lebanon's domestic politics have a cast a longer shadow over its Syrian 'guests'.

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Saudi Arabian sovereign fund plans cinema venture with US company AMC Entertainment

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Saudi Arabia's main sovereign wealth fund said it planned to enter the cinema business with major US-based movie exhibition company AMC Entertainment Holdings, as the conservative kingdom lifts a 35-year-old ban on cinemas.

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