Monday, 23 October 2017
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Warming seas could lead to 70 percent increase in hurricane-related financial loss

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Hurricane-related financial loss could increase more than 70 percent by 2100 if oceans warm at the worst-case-scenario rate predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, according to a new study. The study used a combination of hurricane modeling and information in FEMA's HAZUS database to reach its conclusions.

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EPA yanks scientists' conference presentations, including on climate change

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The Environmental Protection Agency has instructed two of its scientists and one contractor not to speak as planned at a scientific conference Monday in Providence, Rhode Island, sparking criticism from some academics and congressional Democrats.
EPA officials confirmed Sunday that its researchers...


E.P.A. Cancels Talk on Climate Change by Agency Scientists

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Organizers of a Monday conference on the Narragansett Bay were told three E.P.A. scientists would not be allowed to present their work.

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Worldwide change in shallow reef ecosystems predicted as waters warm

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A new study based on the first global survey of marine life by scuba divers has provided fresh insights into how climate change is affecting the distribution of marine life. The research predicts that as the oceans warm fish -- which appear to be superior predators in warm water -- will extend their ranges away from the equator and cause a decline in the diversity of invertebrates such as crabs, lobsters, sea urchins and whelks.


US ocean observation critical to understanding climate change, but lacks long-term national planning

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Ocean observing systems are important as they provide information essential for monitoring and forecasting changes in Earth's climate on timescales ranging from days to centuries. A new report finds that continuity of ocean observations is vital to gain an accurate understanding of the climate, and calls for a decadal, national plan that is adequately resourced and implemented to ensure critical ocean information is available to understand and predict future changes.

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Dimming the sun could save corals from bleaching and hurricanes

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Climate change will harm corals by overheating them and unleashing more violent hurricanes, but cooling the planet by geoengineering could reverse those effects

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Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, but science may offer a solution.

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Centroamericano, a new variety of coffee plant, hasn't sparked the buzz of, say, Starbucks's latest novelty latte. But it may be the coolest thing in brewing: a tree that can withstand the effects of climate change.
Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, a crop that requires specific temperatures...


Target Adopts Five-Point Climate Change Action Plan

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Point one of five: Increasing adoption of renewable energy in its operations, supply chain and electricity grid


Katy Perry Got Stuck Midair During a Concert, Reminding Us of That Time She Fell Over and Over Again

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As sure as climate change, stage mishaps happen. They happen particularly when you have elaborate stages and enjoy floating in the air above your audience as one Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson does. Last night at the Nashville stop on her Witness tour, Katy Perry was sitting on a little planet soaring ...


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