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African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility

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Scientists have sequenced the genetic makeup of 24 South African individuals of different ethnolinguistic origins. The first government-funded human genomics research study performed on African soil, aimed at unlocking the unique genetic character of southern African populations, has revealed a high level of genetic diversity.

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Forties pipeline shutdown 'worth £20m a day'

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A crack was found in the Forties pipeline which carries crude North Sea oil across land for processing.

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Brent slips after hitting $65/barrel early on pipeline outage

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Oil prices slipped on Tuesday, retreating after an early surge to a two-year high when the United Kingdom's biggest North Sea oil pipeline was shut, crimping the flow of global benchmark Brent crude.

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NASA’s Juno Orbiter Explores Depths of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

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Data collected by Juno during its first pass over Jupiter’s mysterious, roiling storm called the Great Red Spot in July 2017 indicate that this famous feature has roots that penetrate about 200 miles (300 km) into the gas giant’s atmosphere. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot - a spinning, cyclone-like storm just south of the planet’s equator [...]

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Mystery of the thousands of perfectly formed ice balls washed up on Russian coast

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The mysterious yet perfectly formed Russian ice balls may have been caused by oil pollution or could even be whale eggs

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Forties pipeline 'will be shut down for weeks rather than days'

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A major oil pipeline is still expected to be shut for several weeks, as first images of the site are released.

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Living Smell / Waterfrom Design

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The lady of the house, who designs wedding invitations for a living, has a soul molded by plate making, compression molding, laser engraving, and hot foil stamping, has, in the fragrance brand Mad et Len, found the mesmerizing texture that came of limited and simple ease of handicraft. The space became a fragrant art, where the warmth of life become the best way to extract the smell of memory, and allows the habits of the owners, such as triathlon and reading, to become ethereal and spread into the air. The raised multi-layer bookshelf walls and display racks refines the personality and images of the residence. The simple colors and handmade work from the artisan aids the feel of the media such as hand painted and steel brushed veneer materials to replace the clean mechanical feel. On various white background materials, the line and color blocks are fermenting in minimalism, creating a division of order and spatial displacement.

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Pipeline trouble; Climate summit; Fed meets

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1. Energy trouble: Oil prices jumped Tuesday after a key pipeline in Europe was closed because of a leak.

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Brent crude oil jumps to mid-2015 high

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Oil prices jumped by 1 percent on Tuesday to their highest since mid-2015, after the shutdown of the Forties North Sea.

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Brent crude jumps to highest since mid-2015 after North Sea pipeline outage

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Brent oil prices jumped 1.5 percent on Tuesday after the shutdown of the Forties North Sea pipeline knocked out significant supply.

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