Tuesday, 12 December 2017
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Social media is ‘ripping apart' society leaving users ‘vacant and empty’: ex-Facebook boss

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A FORMER executive of Facebook said he feels “tremendous guilt” over the creation of the site - adding “we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.”

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Keaton Jones' mother responds to racism allegations, says photos were meant to be 'ironic'

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Kimberly Jones told CBS News that her posts of the Confederate flag on social media were intended to be 'ironic' and 'funny,' not racist.

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Keaton Jones' Mother Defends Confederate Flag Photos

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Keaton Jones' mother is defending her social media posts with the Confederate flag and insisting she and her family are not racists. Kimberly Jones told 'GMA' the photos were intended to be "extreme" and "ironic and funny." Kimberly said she would...

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Netflix calls out 53 'Christmas Prince' viewers and Twitter claps back

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Social media clapped back at Netflix Sunday after the online movie streaming company called out 53 people for watching a sappy Christmas comedy.

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Will Your Social Media Presence Cost You Your Next Job?

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If you're not careful, it just might.

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'You are being programmed,' former Facebook executive warns

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A former executive for the social network has blasted social media for "ripping society apart".

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Maradona statue provokes mirth on social media

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It's been quite the year for football's gods being honored with statues -- not least in the reaction they have provoked.

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The growing tide of fake news in India

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Social media has created a whirlpool of misinformation that continues to create unwelcome ripples across India.

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Germany's Intelligence Agency Says China Used Fake LinkedIn Profiles To Spy on Officials

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German's domestic intelligence agency charged China with using LinkedIn and other social networking sites to infiltrate officials in the German government on Monday, which China has denied, according to The New York Times. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution released their investigative report on Sunday which accused Beijing of using the social media sites to target more than 10,000 citizens, including several lawmakers and government employees. Chinese agents posed themselves as leaders of think tanks and headhunters, sending messages that offered all-expenses-paid trips to China and meeting with potentially lucrative clients. Lu Kang, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign...

Major life events shared on social media revive dormant connections, study shows

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New research examines the impact of major life events, on social network evolution, which, the study shows, has important implications for business practices, such as in marketing.

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